Silent Auction April 2022

Art Auction at Feathered Friend Brewing

Boards Brushes and Brews

Our art auction, hosted at Feathered Friend Brewing, took place in March/April off 2022. Luckys Barbershop stepped up and donated twenty five blank skateboards that were locally sourced from Peace Coast skateboards in Derry NH. Once the boards were ready they were handed out to local artists who had free rein to create what ever they saw fit.

Recently opened brewery, Feather Friend Brewing, provided the space to display the boards and on March 24th we kicked off our silent auction. The turn out was huge for opening night and was complete with great beer and onsite screen printed CSP event shirts. Feathered Brewing was kind enough to donate 10% of their sales for our opening event and $1 for every pack of "Slab Sour" sold, the signature CSP sour ale.

The silent auction ran until April 19th and the boards were on display for anyone would stopped into the Feathered Friend. In total we were able to raise over $4,000 to go towards a new skatepark! A huge thanks to Luckys Barbershop, Peace Coast Skateboards, Feathered Friend Brewing and all the artists for making it possible. It was a true community event and a great way to kick off our fundraising in 2022.